With the wave of a wand, the trails of the world get smoother, faster, shorter, and a hell of a lot more fun. New for 2011, the revolutionary adaptability of Kona's G2 Magic Link rear suspension technology is now available on a short-travel XC bike, the super speedy 2+2, a two-inch travel bike blessed with an extra two-inches of rear suspension when required. We've also introduced the new Tanuki, named after a mythical Japanese forest creature known for its jolly, over-indulgent, ballsy, and good spirited nature. The Kona Tanuki is a superlight, 130mm travel bike made for smoothing out the backcountry. Then, of course, there's the Magic Link Cadabra series, the 105-160mm all-mountain maestro's trick of choice.


We helped refine and proliferate one of the most important inventions ever formulated in the history of all things: the mountain bike. Forests become accessible. Hills, climbable. Wilderness, penetrable. Smiles, fantastical. For 2011 our legendary collection of XC hardtails sees new frame fabrications using formed tubing for the best use of material possible. Stiffer, with great trackability and compliancy to best bump over the world's great inspirations. Whether it's your first mountain bike, or your 10th, no singular bike company has done it better, for longer, by having this much fun.


The big bike revolution has been, well, "big" here at Kona. We're into it, and have been for some time. It's the speed and confidence of 29-inch wheel bikes that fires us up the most. Since we began making 29ers five years ago, we've worked hard to ensure our line of hardtails and dual suspension models reside at the top of the stack when it comes to weight, durability and performance. Using Race Light Scandium and aluminum frames, with low bottom brackets and component packages developed specifically for 29er bikes (not to mention two giant Twin Timber bike testers Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks, it's no surprise our line is stratospheric.


Racing pumps through our veins here at Kona. We race each other to work, our friends (and foes) on the weekend, heck we even have coffee competitions (which isn't actual racing but you get the idea). At the end of the day, we know that going fast on a bicycle is fun. And fun is what we're all about. It's why we offer some of the best pound-per-price XC race bikes in the industry. Refined over two decades of shaving seconds, our famed Kula series sees a new addition, the Kula Watt, our custom designed carbon fiber race bike. Our Hei Hei 100 continues to lay waste as one of the plushest XC dual suspension bicycles ever made.


Born from more than a decade-long legacy in the freeride game, one that saw the Stinky rise to immortality as one of the most revolutionary mountain bike's ever created, today, Kona's line of gravity rides still retains the spirit of the original, with some sweet dashes of the future to keep it all fresh. Consider the climbing ability and big down adaptability of the Magic Link equipped CoilAir, the durability and affordability of the Stinky TL, and now, the all-new gorgeous deliverance of the Operator FR, our newly minted long travel beauty.


As jumps get bigger and riders bolder, we continue to keep pace by refining our longstanding commitment to all that goes up and down, and up and down again. Honed to perfection after years of trial and test, the Bass screams to the top of the slopestyle pile. Same goes for the almighty Cowan, now lighter, stiffer and leaner. The cromo steel Shonky, an emerging cult favorite on track pumps and street, now features smoother lines and more core components. These are the bikes of the Kona Clump, the nastiest grouping of gravity-fueled mountain bikers on the planet.


We know that some bikes need to do it all. From jumping to technical singletrack, from the want for durability and affordability to a bike designed specifically to deal with the burl of your backyard. Our mandate to make bicycles for every kind of cyclist manifests here, in rides made for those who need to put mega into the mountain. From the tough-as-nails Five-O, the utilitarian performance of the Shred and Stuff, to the all-new 5-inch cromo Steely, which joins the classic prestige and feel of steel with rowdy modern geometry. At Kona we make tough bikes for tough people who love to ride tough stuff.


With a bevy of World Championships to our credit, we've put all our experience, heart and soul into our newest downhill creation: the Operator DH series. We took what we learned from the durability, performance and geometry of the Stab and integrated into a new design that is lighter, stiffer, more durable, and easier to maintain, not to mention way more sexy. Out-of-the box, these bikes are ready to rule the rigors of downhill racing. Just ask Joe Smith, who's moved from 50th in the World to Top 10 since joining the Kona Factory Team in 2009.


From the ground up, bikes for Kona ladies are designed specifically to harness girl power: from frame design and geometry to graphics, components to the actual model offerings themselves, everything has been made with the female cyclist at the fore. Bikes specifically designed for women just getting into mountain biking, right through to those who want to podium; backcountry enthusiasts to blossoming road riders. The Kona Lisa series, ride a masterpiece.


At Kona, we've always believed that kids need sweet bikes too. That's where the love starts. And if you start it off with serious fun, big confidence and incredible durability, the love grows deep enough to last a lifetime. That's why we offer one of the most diverse, performance-savvy and beautifully put together collections of kids' bikes on the market. Plush downhillers, cross-country speedsters, singlespeed dirt jumpers, awesome graphics, and different colors for both boys and girls. Just ask your kids, they'll know.


Choosing not to rest on the laurels of our North American cyclocross dominance, or Helen Wymann's recent UK national title, for 2011 we've completely re-armed our cyclocross bikes with new tapered heat tubes, stiffer bottom bracket shells and the addition of our lightning fast full carbon Major Jake-the best priced carbon fiber cyclocross frameset on the market. As we prepare to take over the world, know that all of our time racing in the mud and muck on cyclocross courses from Kansas to the Czech Republic makes its way to our Jake the Snake and Jake models thanks to our proven Kona Race Light alloy frame and lightning quick components.


When it comes to road bikes, our approach is more practical than most. As long time cyclists, we don't want you sacrificing comfort for fashion. We also know that performance is crucial, but not to the extent that it makes riding a pain-literally. When we first started building road bikes in 1993, we were one of the first companies to use sloping top tubes, a unique carryover from our revolutionary mountain bike geometry that results in a compact rear triangle and more efficient power transfer-with more comfort to boot. Since we're not a Tour team brand, we make our bikes for the black sheep road rider, choosing more comfortable aggressive geometries and materials, as opposed to uncomfortable aggressive. Using steel, Scandium and carbon fiber, with a host of different models depending on individual style, we make road easy, efficient and fast.


Cruise to a beach party (Humu), commute to school (Bike), pack home a week's worth of groceries (Ute), or bust through bumpy backroads and support humanitarian causes (AfricaBike Three), our new SimpliCITY collection offers everything the urban cyclist needs to get the job done, with fun and style considered at every intersection. New for 2011, we introduce our first foray into electric assist bikes: the Electric Ute, Token and Ticket. Designed to make urban cycling more effortless via rechargeable, battery power assist drives, Kona jumps into the future of designing and building bikes for a revolutionary tomorrow.


You ride to work because a) it feels damn good, b) it's faster, cheaper and way more fun than a car (or the bus) and c) because you care about this big blue dot called Home. That, fine cycling friend, is why we build a collection of commuter bikes as multicultural as any metropolis, from full, over-the-top candy rides to utilitarian workhorses; the simplicity of internal gearing to suspension systems designed to take the edge off the downtown. Whether it's drop bars, flat bars or raised bars, using quick, efficient and comfortable designs that are elegant and fun to ride, at a wide range of price points in a huge range of sizes (we offer nine different models of commuter specific models to choose from), at Kona, bicycle transportation is all about opportunity, choice and tapping into the engine inside. Rise up Pedaltarian. Rise up.