2011 BIKES


  • Multi-purpose dirt jump, pump track, technical singletrack slayer
  • Strong, durable Kona Clump7005 Butted Aluminum frame
  • Durable 100mm travel Marzocchi Dirt Jump fork
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes & 9 speed drivetrain
  • Lifetime warranty

Designed specifically for bi-polar off-road addicts: those who don't know if they want to hit dirt jumps, rip pump track, or "shred" gnarly singletrack, this is the perfect bike for teens looking to jump into the mountain bike game. We take a tough as nails aluminum frame, dress it up with rugged components like Shimano hydraulic brakes and a Marzocchi Dirt Jumper fork and offer it all at a price that's newspaper route compatible. Note: this is not a bike designed just for kids, it's a bike designed for people (kids included) who can't help acting like kids.