2011 BIKES


  • Purpose-built for dirt jump and pump track riding
  • Sweet feel of Kona Clump Cromoly Butted steel
  • Press fit Spanish BB with a bigger bearing that's better for BMX cranks
  • Marzocchi DJ3 80mm travel fork with 20mm fork axle
  • Half link chain
  • Raw steel finish

We continue to make refinements to our cromoly steel dirt jump/street bike. A new head tube, smoother lines with curves instead of tack welded hard lines, and a press fit Spanish bottom bracket with a bigger bearing that's better for BMX cranks. Basically, no fooling around. The bike comes with a 20mm fork axle, half link chain, integrated seat clamp so the top tube is lower, Pivotal saddle and seat post that's lighter and strong. Toss on hydraulic disc brakes and a super sexy clearcoated raw steel finish.