2011 BIKES


  • Brand new for 2011, Kona Ute goes electric!
  • Electric assist carry-everything transportation
  • Ditch the truck, this baby can do it all
  • 24-volt, 250W battery-assisted motor
  • Up to 100km battery range

The Electric Ute is a battery-assisted version of our very popular Ute, a long wheel base bicycle designed to carry loads of up to 100kg-perfect for transporting goods in the urban environment. The Electric Ute is a 700C trekking bicycle type that uses a 24-volt x 13Ah, 250W battery assisted Pedelec motor that delivers a lifecycle of more than 700 rides. In power mode, the system can assist riding for up to 30km. In normal mode, power assist lasts up to 57km, while in economy mode, the battery has a huge 100km range. Serious power for carrying heavier loads. Ditch the truck, people.